Baltimore Supper Club

ROLE: Web Design, Web Development
YEAR: 2020

Kylie Thompson founded the Baltimore Supper Club (BSC) in July 2019 as a way to connect with other enthusiastic home cooks in the Baltimore area. Although it began as a Facebook group started on a whim, she quickly found that there were others who shared her enthusiasm for the cause, and the group quickly began to take off, developing into a series of potluck style dinner parties across the city. Unfortunately, these came to an end once COVID hit, and the group leaders quickly realized the necessity of leveraging BSC’s digital presence to keep people engaged as they quarantined. The group now had thousands of members and needed a proper website to expand its potential.

It was important for the new site design to follow the recently developed brand identity guidelines as well as conveying the sophisticated, creative, and inclusive spirit of the in-person events. I used photography from the events along with pops of color to highlight the lively, social nature of the club. These sections contrasted with other, more minimal sections that allow users to focus clearly on CTAs and forms that drive engagement. View live site.

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