The Stay at Home Daughter

ROLE: Web Design, Web Development
YEAR: 2020

In May 2016, Danielle DiBlasi’s father suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a rare form of brain cancer, taking away his ability to live independently. Since then, she’s put her career aside and moved out of my home with her husband to live with her father as his full-time caregiver. The Stay at Home Daughter documents her journey: providing insights into caring for a parent with a traumatic brain injury.

In designing and developing the site, there were many things to consider. Danielle had a logo for her brand, but many parts of her branding still needed to be fleshed out. I developed typographic styles that would help convey the compassionate, service-oriented nature of her work as well as ensuring flexible usage and easy readability. I designed page layouts that encourage exploration, allowing users to learn more about her experiences as a caregiver while also providing opportunities for her to share other sides of her life, such as recipes and dips she’s developed. Lastly, through the web design, I created easy ways for users to connect with her outside of The Stay at Home Daughter through grids highlighting her recent Instagram activity and easy access to the website of her candle business, Casa Figlia. View live site.

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