Hope Is Loud

Role: Brand Identity

Hope Is Loud is an emerging nonprofit that seeks to raise awareness about health inequities that affect BIPOC communities with an initial focus on improving the chances of finding a donor for patients needing a bone marrow transplant. Preliminary research indicated a need for a strong identity that took influence from both the visual languages of racial equity and healthcare nonprofits while remaining distinctive as a unique and forward-looking organization.

The logotype appears friendly while also professional and trustworthy. The shapes of the mark and their positioning suggest people which reinforces the idea that people are at the core of Hope Is Loud’s mission and vision. The shapes merge in a way that promotes the idea of coming together, exchanging ideas, and connecting in a beneficial way.

The connections within the mark are also reminiscent of blood drops which symbolize health as well as Hope Is Loud’s focus on improving blood cancer survival rates among BIPOC. Lastly, the various shapes combine to form an “H” which refers back to the brand name, helping the user connect the mark with the name.

The color palette makes use of bright, bold colors that speak to the urgency and passion associated with Hope Is Loud’s spirit of activism. This allows Hope Is Loud to stand apart from some of their more staid contemporaries in the healthcare nonprofit space.

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