Exploring Vegan

ROLE: Brand Identity, Web Design, Web Development
FEATURES: Typewolf, MaxiBestOf, Design Shack, Fonts In Use

Exploring Vegan was founded on one principle: eating plant-based doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing affair. The hope was to create a brand that exudes joy, excitement, and exploration of new, tasty ways to incorporate meat-free meals into everyday life, whether it’s once a week or every meal.

It was of utmost importance for the brand to reflect the fun and playful nature of exploration. The logo features loops and curls that mimic plant growth and hint at the many different directions and paths that plant-based cooking can take. Extensive use of bright colors inspired by plants, fruits, and vegetables add a sense of vibrancy to the brand and are supported by sticker-like illustrations and carefully considered photo backdrops. Lastly, typographic selections were chosen to emphasize the welcoming mindset of Exploring Vegan while also adding a bit of quirk.

For the web experience, a variety of animations and microinteractions keep the user engaged and create a joyful digital experience. Prominent discoverability elements allow the user to take their own journey through the world of plant-based recipes and product reviews. view live site here.

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